Seaberry drink

JPY 5,400

Royal berry extra

Rare fruit "Sea berry" made in Hokkaido and body-friendly beet sugar are mixed to enhance the palatability, and compose 26000mg natural salmon-derived beauty component "marin collagen"to blend the flavor. All the ingredients are obsessed over domestically-produced.


Ingredients obsessed over homemade
Rare fruit Sea berry
Sea berry is hearty and contains . more than 200 nutritions like vitamin, mineral, amino acid. Also it helps to supply scrimpy nutritions. It is called "miraculous fruit" for beauty and health and has bee drawn attention multipronged.

Marin collagen
It is made of natural salmon collagen that run around Hokkaido. It has simpler string construction than zooid and easily resolved, absorbed, and highly perfomace of cohension with vitamins.

Beat sugar
Beat sugar is decocted from sugar beat. It abounds of mineral and oligosaccharide so that it is well-known for body-friendly.




Sea berry, sugar, marin collagen peptide


water, lukewarm water, soy milk, or yogurt can be eaten together.


Please store in the refrigerator and eat up as soon as possible due to no preservative and emulsifier.
The components are separated due to vegetable oil. Please shake firmly if it is deposited.
Please pay attention after shaking. The liquid might come out.
It might turn reddish yellow by beet sugar due to no coloring agent. However, there is no problem with quality.
Black spots are the fruit seeds, red spots are the fruit oil means the high quality.
Please stop eating if you feel abnormal.

Products Introduction of Couleur Labo

presented by Couleur Labo.


Drink of rare fruit Seabury

The adjustment to the delicious taste with formulated the Rare fruit Seabury that can be taken in the Hokkaido Japan and Beet sugar. and 2600mg formulated Marine collagen from salmon makes it mild taste.

Rich nutritional value

Seabury contains 200 types of nutrientssuch as Vitamins, minerals, amino acids. Supplement the nutrients that are missing in the diet. Attracted considerable attention for Health and Beauty.


Marine Collagen

Marine Collagen is easy to absorb because the structure is simple to the body. and easy to bond with vitamin.

Beet sugar

Beet sugar is sugar that has been boiled from the roots of radish. Minerals and sugar are included lot. It is a good sugar for the body.

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