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Undeniable, originator of uni body EMS pad!

2 electro pads total 18cm long cover concerned area and support muscle exercise. It is sheet style and light and thin, even wireless. It is not easily found from the clothes.

Brand Name




Model Number



Home use EMS massager


Lithium battery (3V, CR-2032)


Main device, Gel padx2, Safekeeping tray, Lithium battery(CR-2032), Instruction manual(Attached)


Main device: Silicon rubber, ABS resin, Conductive silver ink
Gel pad: Hydro gel
Protective film: PET




45g (Main device)

Recommend those who

have chubby stomach, no time to exercise, cannot continue workout

How to use

1, Open the battery cover with a wide coin Turn toward“ OPEN”, and open carefully.
2, Set the battery upward“ +”, and cover it. Turn toward“ LOCK” to close
3, Remove the blue protective films from the attached gel pad set, and apply 4 gel pads on the electric post horizontally.
4, Remove the transparency film, and apply on your body. Please refer to "Where to be applied" in the instruction manual.


 This device is used for household. Never apply for institutional use.
 Never apply it to small kids.
 Never use it while driving and sleeping.
 Please avoid metals like rings, watches, glasses and other accessories from your body while using it.
 Please avoid dropping the device when using it. It could cause of break.
 Avoid water. Never use and keep it in a bath, hot, humid, and dusty places.

Mega hit in Korea

Presented by WIP management


The latest EMS device in the industry’s first

Simultaneously approach. Cover concerned body parts with wide pad. One-touch automatically switch modes, no need complicated operations. Guaranteed satisfaction from Athletes. with this slimness, strong power
Effective stimulation without uncomfortable feeling. Focus on concerned upper arms, thighs, and hips. Support your upper arms, thigs, and hips to become ideal ones by EMS effectively.

Used in medical industry, what is EMS

It is a training method that train muscles by electric current which was invented in 1960s and has been widely used for muscle training and general training machine. Normally, muscles moves by electric signal sent from cerebrum, but EMS directly sent electric signal muscles and let muscles be in same conditions as when moving by shrinking muscles.


18 cm of long electrode pad covers widely

Total 18 cm of 2 long electrode pads covers concerned areas widely and approaches whole muscles in the area very well.

Recommended those who:

Wish to enjoy trendy fashion, No time to exercise, Get healthy body, Wish to keep in shape, Lack of exercises, Never could continue hard training


Simple operation as set-up just for 5 seconds

Warming up your body with light exercise. Exercise muscles with firm EMS stimulation. Cool down muscles with multi EMS stimulation. Automatically switch modes function: 3 modes switch in return for 20 minutes to get effective exercise result. One touch 15 levels are available

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