JPY 33,143

The different wave length light mask of red, blue, and infrard light

professional treatment easily at home. 10 minutes once a day. Usual treatment + 1leads bright and healthy skin. It is the latest beauty mask equipped LED.

Brand Name

Intense Pulsed Light Mask




LED facial beauty device

Built-in battery

Voltage/Capacity: DC307V, 450mAh
Charging voltage: 4.2V max
Battery: Lithium ion bettery
※Maximum uptime with full charge: 30 minutes
※It is target charging time at a normal temperature. It depends on temperature and battery life.


Main device, Silica gel sheet, Fixing band


Main device:Silica gel
Silica gel sheet:Silicon gel
Fixing band: Nylone, rubber




150g (Main devie)


It is the semiconductor which can emit light with a specific color. No pain or redness after treatment like previous laser therapy or phototherapy, and could put make up on immediately and superior in safety. Various effects have been found and used in medical industry like vanity surgery and dermatology. Nowadays, it gets attention from cosmetic industry, and has introduced in esthetic salon as the latest technology.



It is designed for personal facial treatment use in a professional way. It uses the low power of natural light to deliver a totally natural method of skin rejuvenation. Light-only rejuvenation uses the body's own natural processes to help counteract the effects of aging and to enhance and prolong the effects of skin care products. It helps skin absorb much faster and more efficiently.


Skin's Photosynthesis

Light energy is the foundation of life and the interaction between phototherapy and skin can be referred to the photosynthesis, which products energy into plants' cells. Phototherapy was originally seen in an experiment in a Space Station of NASA that was to stimulate plants to grow in Space. At the same time, it was found to activate and reduce inflammation of cells, also stimulate the growth of tissues. Certain wavelengths of blue and red light interact with human cells the best.

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