EMS / Micro current

JPY 12,000

EMS & Microcurrent glove

This beauty device stimulates muscles and skin with originally developed microcurrent feeble electric and EMS facercise function. It is a globe style beauty equipment that can care closely as pressing one point and covering the face with your palm. It reaches not only eye and slack of cheek, but also softens scalp.

Brand Name




Model Number



Home use globe type EMS device


AAA battery x 2


Main device, connecting cord, conductive glove x 1 pair, insulation glove x 3 pairs, exclusive sonic aqua gel 50g, storage bag, AAA battery x2(Test battery), Instruction manual(Attached)


Main device: ABS resin, PMMA
Connecting code: PVC, steel
Conductive treatment glove: Silver, nylon, cotton
Insulation glove: PE
Storage bag: Polyester




66g (Main device)

How to use

1, Apply the sonic aqua gel in the whole finger.
2, Place the glove on the skin.
3, Adjust the output level.


Beauty Equipment For Your Concerned Point

Liftre situmulates facial muscles by double approaches what are Microcurrent and EMS. It is a glove style beauty equipument that can care closely as pressing one point and covering the face with palm.


Sharpen the face line and brighten the skin

Liftre improved elasticity of the part of the skin which had a lot of muscle mass, stimulating muscle fibers after 2 weeks. It resulted the improvement of muscle elasticity due to aging.

One of the reason why the face line breaks and the cheek falls down is weekening face muscles. In my salon, we use EMS function for the close treatment to the face muscles which is usually short of exercise.

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