Disseminate Japanese beauty trend to the world We have developed and sold household beauty devices since our establishment for 15 years built on the concept of “Esthe taken around with me”. Our mission is to achieve the latest trendy health & beauty people demand by our products.


Our advantage is design. Not only product designs, but also effective electric design, package design for sales, instruction manuals and videos and other design capacity are used to meet your needs.

Intensive quality control

Our professional staffs manage quality control in the factory or domestically to ease your worries.


The products are manufactured based on Japanese strict various laws. Also, our global marketing has been expanding, and we could correspond various laws to meet each country’s requirement.


Our staffs could handle with each country, Asia, North America and Europe for example. Please feel free to contact us by calling, mail, or Skype. Also, we provide any possible opportunities to promote your products knowledge and sales depends on your needs.


The conditions of the contract (Distributer contract) would be closed fairly between us as we ask your demand. Please feel free to contact our experienced staffs.


We currently import some valuable products from overseas. Please contact us through inquiry form if you are interested in selling imported products domestically. We will reply shortly after receiving products lineup, company profile, and company website.

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