JPY 35,000

ZOGANKIN BODY is now on best seller Zogankin series!

ZOGANKIN has been sold as the fisrt industrial facial beauty device that employs radio frequeny and EMS in 2010 and evaluated its function and responsed domestically and internationally. Later in 2014, we developed ZOGANKIN technology based on customers' review and ZOGANKIN BODY was deduted.

Brand Name




Model Number



Home use beauty device

Rechargeable adapter

Power: AC100-240V 50/60Hz 0.2A
Output voltage/current: DC5.6V/.6A
Length of adapter code: 1.5m
Comsumed power: 3.5W (When charging)

Buit-in battery

Rated voltage/capacity: DC3.7V 850mAh
Accumulation of electricity voltage:4.2V max
Battery: Lithium ion battery
Recharge time: 5 hours (Full charge)
Weight: 18g
Uptime: 60 minutes straigt use is available when the device is brand new.


Main device, Protective cap, Rechargeable adapter, Attached sonic aqua gel, Instruction manual(Attached)


Head: SUS303, ABS resin, PC, Rubber




245g(Buit-in lithium ion battery)

How to use

1, Apply sonic aqua gel Apply it thinly on concerned area.
2, Power on device Select treatmen mode and output level
3, Start treatment Slide the device along each area continuously for 3 minutes. (Please refer to instruction manual)
4, Wipe off the gel Wipe off remained gel on skin after treatment.
5, Clean the device Clean up (Please refer to the instruction manual)


Heating stimulation with RF and EMS

ZōGANKIN® is the industryʼ s first facial beauty equipument with RF and EMS function. It was on sale in 2010 and has very appreciated in the global market. in 2014, ZOGANKIN BODY is born as the body speciallized ZOGANKIN.


Output level : 5 steps

The strong point of ZoGANKIN is what the output level has 5 steps. This device can use the face and also the body.

For face : level 1 - 2 / For body : level 3 - 5.

There are main five course.

After choosing a course, put the gel on a part to be cared and move the device on it slowly. Moving it along with the four facial muscles is effective. With just three minutes, a set of moves, from stretch to exercise can be done. With nine minutes, a whole face can be covered for a authentic care.


RF Heating Technology

1 MHz high frequency oscillation heats the skin.

EMS Exercise

It is the exercise that stimulates muscles with low frequency and develops it. This exercise is used for general exercising devices.

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