Slim de Beauté


JPY 12,000

Undeniable, originator of uni body EMS pad!

Just apply on your body and ready to exercise after 2 seconds setup. The stimulation which is suitable for wide muscles supporting pelvis works on inner muscles that are hardly exercised. It fits any body with wide 3D fit design. Its sheet is only 1mm that is not easily found from the clothes, and massage secretly.

Brand Name

Slim de Beaute


Soft pink / White

Model Number



Home use EMS massager


AAA battery x 2


Main device, Gel pad setx4, Safekeeping trayx2, AAA batteryx2(Test battery), Instruction manual(Attached)


Main device: Silicon rubber, ABS resin, Conductive silver ink
Gel pad: Hydro gel
Protective film: PET




112g (Main device)

Recommend those who

have chubby stomach, no time to exercise, cannot continue workout

How to use

1, Remove the battery cover.
2, Place the AAA batteries Set 2 AAA batteries as matching battery indication. Then close the battery cover.
3, Remove the blue film.
※Dispose the film.
4, Apply the gel pad on the posts in the main device.Place 4 adhesive gel pads on the electric posts horizontally as avoiding air inside.
5,Remove the air Place the gel pads firmly as letting air out by your finger.
6,Remove the transparency film.
※Dispose the film
7,Apply the device on your body.Power on and adjust the level, then start massage for 20 minutes.
8,Finish Automatically power off after 20 minutes. Remove the device from your body to the vertical direction. Wipe sweat or moisture, place the protective sheet, then store it.


 This device is for household use. Never apply it for industrial use.
 Never apply it to small kids.
 Never use it while driving and sleeping.
 Please avoid metals like rings, watches, glasses, and other accuracies from your body while using it.
 Please avoid dropping the device when using it. It could cause of break.
 Avoid water. Never and keep it in a bath, hit humid, and dusty places.

Mega hit in Korea

Presented by WIP management


Exercize muscles around the pelvis

Fits to Your Waist, push button in 5 Seconds to Start, Train Muscles at Once. Large Pad Covers Wide Range.

Applause by Physiotherapist

It was proved that Slim de Beaute developed wide range of muscles. I inspected what range of muscles is trained by Slim de Beaute, using ultrasonic measurement. It was proved that Slim de Beaute trained wide range from abdominal muscles and gluteal muscles to core muscles such as psoas major muscles and transverse abdominal muscles.

Directed by a pelvis correcting specialist

A Pelvis is supported by muscles around it! A pelvis becomes deformed even if you correct it. The reason why is that deformation of pelvis is caused by losing balance of muscles around it. In order to stabilize a pelvis, the experts trains customerʼ s muscles around it after treatment of pelvis correcting.


Train Different Muscles at Once

As a result of ultrasonic measurement, it is proved that wide range of muscles are trained. It was proved that Slim de Beaute trained wide range from abdominal muscles and gluteal muscles to core muscles such as psoas major muscles and transverse abdominal muscles.

Anytime, Anywhere

Free Your Hands, Easy Operation Without Cables, Auto-Switching appropriate pulse to training.

5 Seconds to Power on

Easy Operation Without Cables. Auto-Switching appropriate pulse to training.


Just put it to make beautiful body

By tightening important muscles around pelvis in a good balance, it supports weakened muscles. Besides, it stabilizes a pelvis by relaxing muscles which is stiffened too much.

1) The stiff around her disappeared and got slimed. It removed the thickness of her back and her shoulders looked so narrow by getting a good balance between right and left.

2) The neck of her waist was made by maintaining the body balance between right and left.

3) Maintaining balance of pelvis led to hip-up.

4) Her legs became slim as a result of training hamstrings.

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