Enzyme drink

JPY 6,000

“Urutsuya Enzyme” drink type made by well-selected 82 kinds of ingredients deliberately.

Urutsuya Enzyme drink type is brewed by 82 ingredients, matured in the ceramics vase for over a year and, fermented naturally. It is suitable to supply short nutrition and support your health & beauty.

Brand name

Urutsuya Enzyme

General name

Soft drink

Content quantity




Recommended those who

Wish to try to take enzyme daily
Suffer from sensitivity to cold temperatures
Problem with swelling of leg
Problem with aging skin

How to drink

Aim to drink 20ml per day
Dilute by adding water or lukewarm water if you want

Nutrient component (per 100ml)

Energy 170 cal.
Protein 0.5g
Fat 0.1g
Carbohydrate 41.8g
Sodium 72mg


Mugwort, turmeric, houttuynia cordata, krantz aloe, asian ginseng, hypericaceae, low, the root of the dandelion, gynostemma pentaphyllum, eucommia Bark leaf, plantain, glycyrrhiza, pine needle, leaf of the nandina, polygonatum officinale, Tsuyu grass, New Zealand spinach, hub grass, tear grass, field horsetail, loquat leaf, fruit of the matrimony vine, glechoma Hederacea, leaf of the peach, ginkgo leaf, Japanese honeysuckle, fig leaf, safflower, Siberian ginseng, molokheiya, sambucus racemose wood, mallotus japonicus, boxtorm leaf, Japanese persimmon leaf, matricaria recutita, Chinese quinee, Japanese basil leaf, mulberry leaf, acer maximowiczianum, roots of balloon flower, jujube, salacia, actinidia, red ginseng agaricus, rooibos, amla fruit, cat’s claw, plum, kumquat, fig, mandarin orange, pineapple, apple, grape, melon, lemon, grapefruit, apricot, red pepper, ginger, mushroom, carrot, onion, onion crust, parsley, cabbage, burdock, bean sprouts, garlic, sea tangle, glue plant


Store in refrigerator and finish up as early as possible after opening it.
Please stop drinking if you feel any discomfort.
There is no problem with the quality even if it is deposited.

Active oxygen decomposition experiment

presented by Couleur Labo.


Enzyme for total health care

“URUTSUYA ENZYME” includes Japanese and Western herbs, fruits, Vegetables, Root vegetable, mushroom, Seaweed, Beauty component etc... blended over 82 kinds of raw materials. Number of enzymes that have been extracted from the food will be healthy for you.


Monde selection is International competitive show institutions in Belgium. “URUTSUYA ENZYME” is recognized quality in the world.


82 types of material are more than one year fermentation

Raw materials(herbs, fruits, vegetables, seaweed etc...) were mixed and lets natural fermentation in pottery.

Recommended for those who

・Want to ingest the enzyme.
・Sensitivity to cold
・Swollen leg
・feel the decline of skin

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