Washing Brush

JPY 4,743

Feeling like celebrity with weekend treatment

Skin gets firmness and tightness by comfortable micro vibration generated from the brush tip roatating 380 times/minute, which removes sebum and dirt firmly and gives you a special treatment at home.

Brand Name



White / Gray / Yellow


Cycrone type electric washing brsuh


AA battery x 4 (Sell separately)


Main device, body brush, face point brush, pumice stone attachment


Main device : PP, TPE
Body brush:ABS resin(stand), nylon(brush)
Face point brush: ABS resin(stand), nylone(brush)
Pumice stone attachment:ABS resin(stand), silica(head)




138g (Main device)

Recommend those who

have chubby stomach, no time to exercise, cannot continue workout

How to use

【Body brush/Face point brush】
1, Wash body
2, Attach prefarable brush on the main device, and wet the brsuh firmly.
3, Apply soap and make lather by your finger.

【Pumice stone attachement】
1, Warm up treatmen area while taking a bath.
2, Attache the attachment and wet skin and pumice stone, then make a circle on your elbows, knees, and heels.
3, Wash out with water or lukewarm water.
※Target frequency of use for pumice treatment is once a week.
※If you feel raw, you rub too much. Pay careful attention when to use in sensitive areas.
4, Power on the device and start treatment. Please refer to "How to treatment".


Weekend treatment makes you feel like a celebrity

Micro vibration from the brush head excites your skin pleasantly and improve your skin's texture and tone. It removes oil and dirt. firmly and allows you to get special treatment at home.


Waterproof Available in a bath

Body brush:

8cm across large brush wash out every corner of your body.

Pumice attachment:

Remove unwanted cuticles naturally and firmly.

Face-point brush:

Wash detailing cuticles and pore dirt gently.

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