We can do OEM/ODM or private branding for commissioned manufacturing of beauty devices taking advantage of marketing, product development, sales know-how which we have developed. Particularly we hereof help our clients who are interested in sales of professional beauty devices for business use in salons and clinics, household beauty devices, health appliance in online shops. Furthermore, those who plan and develop household beauty devices, are about to join a new business to add value. We are delighted to teach commodity knowledge and skills, support follow-up and maintenance, which ease your global marketing and private branding. 


We define your requirement after hearing demands from our clients. We have promoted products development specialized in beauty devices since our establishment. We together with our clients review demands based on our abounding experiences from diversified standpoints.

※Free for hearing. Please feel free to contact us.

Draft design/3D data output

We make some designs based on your ideas or wants heard in the meeting, then propose product design and specifications like colors, shape, and material as a product plan.

Draft design/3D data output time 2 weeks~
※The cost and output time depends on modification frequency. Please feel free to contact us.

Mock-up/prototype output

We cooperate with our partner factories to build mock-up for checking and working prototype implemented circuit to easily imagine mass-production. Formative design and mechanical problems that cannot be expected in design stage could be confirmed and built your desirable products.

・Mock-up for molding confirmation: output time 2 weeks~
・Working prototype: output time 1 month~

※The cost and output time depends on modification frequency. Please feel free to contact us.

Mass-production schedule/Support production

Hereafter we start mass-production schedule following the decision of its specifications. Our partner factories manage production process based on our production process. We manage and support production carefully from receiving the mass-production order to deliver the products to the clients. Please consult us if you need to turn over the exist products to another factories.

・Select production factory/Management: Adjustment term 3 months~

※The cost and output time depends on requests. Please feel free to contact us.

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