Low frequency

JPY 3,600

The low frequency medical device selected by 2,500,000 aroud the world

DR.PAD TENS is handy, reliable quality of medical device certification, sophisticated design received several design award, that is selected by 2,500,000 around the world.

Product Name


Brand Name

Low frequency medical device


Silky white/Vanila/Rose pink

Model Number

CL-DR-909-SW-1/2, VA, RP




Home use electric medical device

Classification of medical device

Managed medical device

Common Name

Home use low frequency medical device

Medical device classification number



Lithium battery (3V, CR-2032)

Input voltage


Maximum output electric current


Maximum power consumption


Basic Frequency


Rating output voltage


Output pulse width



Main devicex1, Gel pad setx1, Safekeeping trayx1, Lithium battery(CR-2032)x1(Test battery), Instruction manual(Attached)


Main device: Silicon rubber, ABS resin
Gel pad: Adhesive gel
Protective film: PET


Automatically power off after 20 minutes




10g (excludebattery and gel pad)

Recommend those who

keeps same position for a long time, worry about shoulder discomfort and back ache, joint pain, nerve pain, bad blood circulation.

How to use

1, Open the battery cover with a wide coin Turn toward“ OPEN”, and open carefully.
2, Set the battery upward“ +”, and cover it. Turn toward“ LOCK” to close
3, Remove the blue protective film from the attached gel pad set, and apply on the electric post horizontally.
4, Remove the transparency film, and apply on your body. Please refer to "Where to be applied" in the instruction manual.


●Please stop using and consult a doctor if you feel abnormal or rash, flare, and itchy in skins while using it.
●Stop using if the device is damaged or not operating properly.It might lead accidents and discomfort if you are not following.
●Do not use just before or while driving.It might lead accidents or troubles.
●Do not leave the gel pad stick in the treated area.It might cause skin troubles.
●Not exceed 20 minutes for one part.
●Do not use electric devices like cell phone or portable player.It might lead misoperations.
●Never place the device near small kids.Please consult a doctor immediately if the battery is mistakenly eaten.It might cause accidents.
●Never thorough the battery into fire.It might cause the battery broken and accidents.


Low frequency medical device selected by 2,500,000 over the world

DR.PAD tense is low frequency medical device that is easy, trusted quality, awarded good design, selected over 2,500,00 in the world. Excellent product design has been awarded several awards. Slimmest, wireless, surprisingly simple operations and trusted quality have been awarded all over the world. Medical device certificate that has strict standard in Japan prove the trusted quality of DR.PAD TENS.


DR.PAD TENSE could use simply whenever feeling pain, to relieve shoulder discomfort, muscle pains, joint pain, and nerve pain.


Massage by stimulations of low frequency

It stimulates muscles directly by low frequency waves, and relieves nerve of cause of pain, promotes blood circulation and metabolism, eases fatigue and discomfort and massage. It is widely used in medical industry.

The secret chosen as 2,500,000 in the world.

Ultra-slim, ultra-light, simple design allows you to treatment wherever you want to. Sophisticated design and trusted skills are the reason of chosen.

Width only 1mm /Weight only 10g / Wireless / one-touch Simple operation


Where to be applied

Use for shoulder and back discomfort, muscle pain, joint pain and nerve pain. Target length of use is once (20 minutes) at one part per day.
Arms / Upper arms / Pain in neck / Shoulder discomfort / Joint pain / Back pain and nerve pain / Bottom of the foot / Thighs and calves.

When and wherever treatment. Not noticeable from clothes.

While working doing housework, relaxing. Available simultaneous treatment in every situation. Not noticeable from clothes. While working, commuting, relaxing.

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