Enzyme Paste

JPY 6,400

Urutsuya Enzyme

Urutsutya Enzyme is added 79 kinds of semi-western herbs brewed for long time and extracted concentrate extract and 13 kinds of fruits and vegetables pomace added 31 kinds of useful bacteria, and naturally fermented in the ceramic vase for about 2 years. Therefore, the fermented living enzyme are generated in the vase. Enzyme works for boosting metabolism and natural healing ability. Furthermore 8 beauy ingredients moisten skin are composed. It is the plant fermentation food supplemented short enzyme and retain healthy body and fine skin.


MONDE SELECTION Health food section silver award in 2011 and 2012


60g (6g x 10packs)


artemisia, field horsetail, Japanese medlar, doku-dami, aloe arborescens, boxthorn fruits, hypericaceae, kuma bamboo grass, dandelion roots, glechoma hederacea, turmeic, peach leaf, cossia obtusifolia, gingko leaf, leehee, fig leaf safflower, siberian ginseng, gynostemma pentaphyllum, eucommia ulmoides leaf, mulukhiya, sambucus racemosa wood, mallotus japonicus, che Qianz Zi, bocthorn leaf, glycyrrhiza, pine leaf, nandina leaf, Japanese persimmon leaf, asian ginseng, matricarina recutita, Chinese quinee, Japanese basil keaf, mulberry leaf, polygonatum odoratum, acer maxmowiczianum, New Zealand spinach, acorus calamus leaf, roots of balloon flower, jujube, withania somniefera, agaricus, rooibos, amla fruits, cat's claw, bay, celery seed, basil, allspice fruit, dill,rosehip, sea tangle, glue plant, fig, mandarin orange, pine apple, apple, plum, grape, melon, lemon, grape fruits, papaya, passion fruits, apricot, actinidia polygama, bean sprouts, parsley, kumquat, cabbage, red pepper, tomato, green onion, mushroom, carrot, onion, burdok, garlic, ferment placenta extract, ferment hyaluronic acid, collagen, coenzyme Q10, L carnitine pomegranate seed extract, acerola

How to eat

Whenever you want to eat, taste one package. Or add on yogurt or cornflakes if you prefer.


There is no preservative, coloring agents, and fragrance. It is eatable for safe.
Please consult a doctor if you are expecting mother.

Active oxygen decomposition experiment

presented by Couleur Labo.


Enzyme for total health care

“URUTSUYA ENZYME” includes Japanese and Western herbs, fruits, Vegetables, Root vegetable, mushroom, Seaweed, Beauty component etc... blended 100 kinds of raw materials. Number of enzymes that have been extracted from the food will be healthy for you.


Monde selection is International competitive show institutions in Belgium. “URUTSUYA ENZYME” is recognized quality in the world.


about Enzyme

Enzyme is a protein made in the cell. It has a role of helping the chemical reactions in the organism's body. Enzyme is the source of life activity, present in all living organisms, deeply involved in the life activities. but there is a limit to the enzyme that can be produced within a person is alive. As the enzyme is not lack , it is important to is to ingested in food.

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