Liftbeauté PURE COLLA


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Freeze-dry shark fish pure collagen increases skin elasity

Maintain fresh collagen (moisture-rich) by dissolving freeze-dryed serum "pure cora serum" by lotion "pure cora water". Moisten every corner of kerain and let your dried skin be tender.

Brand Name

Liftbeaute PURE COLLA


Rose water


・Compound freeze-dry shark fish pure collagen
・Additive-free nartural aging care serum
・Compound nano collagen, elastin, nano hyaluronic acid
Preservative-free/detergentless/ethanol free/non-pigmented/fragrance-free/silicon free/non-mineral oil

Recommended those who

・Concern tension of skin
・Concern dry skin

Coutry of origin



Ingredients: Raffinose, Alginic Acid Na, Succinoly atelocollagens, Hydrolyzed elastin, Hydrilyzed collagen, Hydrolyzd hyaluronic acid, Prunus avium(sweet cherry)fruit extract.
Ingredients: Water, Borosilicic acid(Ca/Na), Silver oxide



How to use

Take dissolved serum in adequate portion on palm after washing face and apply concerned areas. Then spread whole face gently.

Attention for usage

Please wash out immediately if the serum gets into eyes.
Please do not use it when you have scratches or inflammation.
Please stop using it immediately and consult a doctor if you find abnormal conditions like reddening or itchiness while or after using it.
To keep product’s original quality and moistening capacity, please store in the refrigerator after dissolution. (Avoid in the freezer). Please use up immediately after dissolution.
Do not take off the lid of the serum except dissolution. Please do not leave as opening the lid. After opening the lid, please add the pure colla water immediately.
If you shake the serum with pure colla water immediately, unthawed freeze dry stick inside of discharge port and it might Cause pore-filled or takes time for dissolution. Please close the lid and wait for 3~4hours in the refrigerator
If the freeze dry is not applied in the liquid, shake the bottle tightly and use after dissolution.

Attention for storing

Please finish up as soon as possible after opening the lid due to delicate product.
Do not store it in any places with extremely high or low temperature, or with direct sunlight.
Please store in the refrigerator after dissolution and use it.

Liftbeaute PURE COLLA PV

presented by Couleur Labo.


Pure Collagen protec

Selected Freeze-dry method Pure Collagen brings ultimate moistured skin!

4 characteristics

・The latest Fish Collagen is used.

・Freeze-dry method is used in production.

・Preservative Free and Synthetic Surfactant Free

・Marine ingredient (similar composition to our skin) is blended.


Characteristics of shark fin collagen

it contains 2 kinds of collagen:

50% of each I-type collagen and elastoidin.

A lot of tyrosine of the natural humidity retention factor is contained by an amino acid in constitute comparing the other animals.



ELASTOIDIN is only contained in Shark Fin. Type II Collagen is found in elastic cartilage, and Type III Collagen is found in bouncing new born babies’ skin called “Baby Collagen”. ELASTOIDIN is similar in chain form ( 3 proteins are all identical) composition to those collagen.

II Type Collagen:

Cartilage contains significant amounts of Type II Collagen. It is necessary for beautiful skin, beautiful hair, healthy eyes and strong bones and cartilage. It helps calcium stick to the bone.

III Type Collagen:

Type III Collagen is effective to anti-aging, and helps the skin maintain moisture. It is found in baby’s skin, but decreases with aging. Therefore it is necessary to receive more.

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