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ZOGANKIN exercise with the latest technology

This is the firt industrial beauty device that harmonized radio frequency thermal technology for high frequency vibration of 1milion times/sec and unique and rythmical EMS stimulation that developed by ZOGANKIN massage specialist. Thermo of radio frequency generates tension and elasticity on skin and EMS stimulates muscles. Uplifting for face, slimming for body. Place the device for 3 minutes on your concerned areas like slack, wrinkle and swelling, and you could maintain tightened face and body.

Brand Name





Home use EMS massager


4 hours charging type


Main device, Stand, Rechargable adaptar, Aqua sonic gel 120g, Instruction manual(Attached)


Main device: Resin: ABS resin, PC, rubber Metal:SUS303
Stand: Resin: ABC resin
Protective cap: PC




165g (Built-in lithium ion battery)

How to use

Once per day for each part (not exceeding 3 minutes).
5 parts for face (not exceedin 15 minutes).
Slowly and continuously slide the device along the skin.
Please be sure to use the device with attached sonic aqua gel.
How to slide the device
Slide towards arrow in the rhythm of second hand of clock.

How to use


The advantage of ZoGANKIN

1. Thermal care for the skin using Radio Frequency(RF) technology

2. The function within Electrical Muscle Stimulation(EMS)

3. Assembled the original treatment mode which feel like a professional aesthetician’s technique by the original sequence program.

4. Output level has 5 steps. (for face : 1-2, for body : 3-5 )

5. Easily treatment, using only 3minites per part. Output auto off after using 3minites.

6. By the head flexibility, it is more fitted on the face line.

7. Best usability : cordless and easily operation

The facial equipment which harmonized RF/EMS

Without our will, over 30 kinds of facial muscle is heated by RF, lead an effective exercise by EMS. By the stimulation with heating by RF, the face and body are maintained like the exercise and stretching after taking bath.


Output level : 5 steps

The strong point of ZoGANKIN is what the output level has 5 steps. This device can use the face and also the body.

For face : level 1 - 2 / For body : level 3 - 5.

There are main five course.

After choosing a course, put the gel on a part to be cared and move the device on it slowly. Moving it along with the four facial muscles is effective. With just three minutes, a set of moves, from stretch to exercise can be done. With nine minutes, a whole face can be covered for a authentic care.


Recommended Treatment Program

1 month intensive treatment: recommended to those who have time to perform the treatment everyday to try this out.

Week 1: Warming the skin thoroughly

Week 2: Rearrange the already warmed skin for smoother skin

Week 3: Through EMS. stimulate and make skin firmer.

Week 4: Provide rhythmic stimulation to already from skin

Week 5: To upkeep face and body contours, maintain with exercise for 2-3 times a week.

From 5 onwards, continue the treatment 2-3 times a week with exercise mode to maintain the results.

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