Skin Moisturising

JPY 33,143


It sends microparticulated floating water drop to skin. Fine mist moistens and moisturizes skin.

Brand Name

NanoActive Skin Moisturising System


General home use beauty device

Rechargeable adapter

AC100~240V, 50/60Hz, DC 24V 1500mA


Main device: ABS resin, PC, PP, silicon rubber
Hair comb attachment: PP
Cleaner brush: ABS resin, PET
Mist nozzle: ABS resin
Water tank: PP, PC
Aroma mist attachment: PP
Mist cover:PP
Extension hose: ABS resin, LDPE
Aroma mist spong: cotton


Hair comb attachment, cleaner brsuh, mist nozzle, water tank, aroma mist attachment, extension hose, jet cover, aroma mist sponge, accessory, purse






・Intensive moisture mode: For daily intensive moisturizing care. You can relax as moisturizing treatment by connecting extension hose and mist nozzle.
・Hair esthetic mode: For hair cuticle and tip of hair.
・Night moisturizing mode: For night treatment or daytime at desk.
・Aroma mist mode: Set soaked cotton with aroma oil on the attachment and healing smell and mist make you relax.


Never let those people use it:
Pregnant: Hormone imbalance causes skin problems.
Asthma: It brews slight wind, so it might cause cough.
Epilepsy or abnormal blood pressure, allergic: It might cause skin or body problems due to aromatic oil.
Person who have allergies.
Skin diseases or atopic dermatitis
Sensitive skin
Person with skin diseases, extreme sun burn, or skin troubles
Scratches, eczema, or swelling on the skin
Deconditioning: It might cause skin or body troubles.
Unconscious of heat: it might cause burn, electric shocks, and injuries.

NanoActiv Experiment

presented by Couleur Labo.


Cyclone particle permeate the stratum corneum

Centrifugal separation system (Cyclone structure) change the water in fine, and deliver moisture to the skin. Cold of fine mist moisten the skin, tightening, moisturizing.

Permeate the make-up layer

Generally water is not able to permeate because of prevented in the make-up. but Ultra-fine particles made ??by nano- cyclone permeate on the makeup.


4 Functions Equipped

Intensive moisturizing:

You can intensive moisturizing care with relax.

Night moisturizing:
Moisturizing care while sleeping.

hair este:
Antistatic and cuticle protection.

Aroma mist:
Relaxing effect by using the aromatic oil.


Whole body moisturizing and make skin beautiful

Nano-sized water particles permeate skin and hair well. NanoActiv will make your skin and hair beautiful.

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