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Give you oil grade cleasing and tender cream

Additive-free cosmetics "LIFT BEAUTE"cleansing is now on debut. Give you oil-graded cleansing and tender cream.

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Detergentless / Paraben-free / Compound perfume-free / Synthetic Pigment- free / Organic jojoba seed oil / Organic olive oil

Recommended those who

Concern tension of skin / Concern dry skin

Coutry of origin



Balm cleansing 80gx1, Spongex1(Balm cleansing 80gx1)


Palm oil, Jojoba seed oil, Olive oil, Yellow bees wax, Sesami oil, Damask rose oil



Attention for usage

Do not use other than cosmetic purpose.

Attention for store

・Be sure to close the lid and avoid dist.
・Do not store in extremely high humidity or low temperature places, or with direct sunlight.

How to close the inner plug

Presented by Couleur Labo.


Tightens the pores Makes the skin elastic and firm

The ingredients include Shea oil high in moisture, Orange Roughy oil, Jojoba oil, and Squalane that absorb well into stratum corneum. Seaberry seed oil provides elasticity, Olive oil and Avocado oil improve the skin’s suppleness while Coconut oil gently protects the skin. The product has a sweet and elegant fragrance of Damask rose oil.


Authentic ingredients selected to consider aging skin

It is made of only selected ingredients that consider aging skin,
but not preservative, colorant, and fragrance.


Beauty ingredient

Palm oil:
Coconuts oil. Superior in moisturizing.


Organic jojoba seed oil:
It adjusts to skin well and hardly-oxidized plant. It is made in Argentinean organic ingredient.


Sesame oil:
It contains sesamin of the antioxidant material Humidity retention, flexible, and natural UV cut effects.


Organic olive oil:
It contains a lot of oleic acid and small amount of squalene. It is made in Spanish organic ingredient.


Yellow bees wax:
I it is wax ingredients made in the body of bees. Main ingredient is palmitic acid. It contains vitamin A, propolis and pollen.


Damask rose flower oil:
It is extracted from damask rose. It adjusts skin.

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