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Big hit on TV! 4800 times sonic wave removes dirt

It is common sense that scrubing face gets burden. Washing face by hands might cause skin tourbles due to wrong power controling, scrubing skin too much, or washing face too gently. BIHADA SONIC generates 4800 times sonic wave vibration and makes fine bubbles, removes sebum, dirt, and makeup. "Fine bubbles" generated by the vibration become cushion betwen skin and brush and reduce friction and burden. ※Sonic wave is the vibration in sound wave domains. Sonic wave domain is to replace frequency(16~20000Hz) that a person can hear it as sound.

Brand Name



Soft pink / Mint / Apricot Orange


Sound wave facial brush


AAA battery x 2 (Sell separately)
Charging voltage: 4.2V max
Battery: Lithium ion bettery
※Maximum uptime with full charge: 30 minutes
※It is target charging time at a normal temperature. It depends on temperature and battery life.


Main device, soft facial brush, finger touch, stand


Main device and stand: ABS resin Soft facial brush:ABS resin(stand), acrylic resin(brush), nylon(brush) Finger touch: ABS resin(stand), silicon(brush)




103g (Main devie)

How to use

1, Clean makeup, and wash face
2, Attach the brush on the main device, and wet the brsuh firmly.
3, Apply facial wash. ※Apply eanough amount to make lather.
4, Power on the device.
5, Make lather with facial soap by your finger.
6, Start treatment. Please refer to "How to treatment".


Wash out pore dirt by soft brush, not hands

Face-wash and scrub of one time. Wash out dirt by sound waves.

Japanese brush: Finer and softer than hair.

Silicon made finger touch attachment.

What is special about BIHADASONIC

Wash your dirt using 4800vibration of sound waves.

Face-wash and scrub at one time.

Clean your poses with micro bubbles.

Waterproof, bath-friendly


Best for removing dirt 4,800 vibrations of sound waves

Tips for face-wash; avoid pressure on your face, and mindly and firmly wash out. BIHADA SONIC allows you to wash easily and firmly.

:*vibration of sound waves; vibration inside sound wave zone.

What is soft face-wash brush

0.03 mm across, ultrafine, water-retentive, and creamy bubbles wash your face softly.

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